#002 – APRIL 8, 2018

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Host Jason “Gypsy” Kladiva discusses the life of baseball pioneer Daniel “Doc” Adams with his great-granddaughter, Marjorie Adams.  Doc Adams is credited with inventing the shortstop position and passionately endorsing the early game of baseball from 1839 into the 1860s from making balls and having bats made to assisting in creating clubs like the New York Base Ball Club and the Knickerbocker Base Ball Clubs. Gypsy and Marjorie discuss his lineage and religious upbringing that led to the gentleman rules of the early game, Doc’s quest to remove the bound rule and make fielders catch the ball on the fly, his creation of 90 feet between bases and other aspects of the early game. Majorie describes her quest to get Doc inducted into the Hall of Fame and the obstacles she is coming against in doing so.  


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